Fizza is a fitness app that helps people to exercise and stay motivated. Even the name of this platform is a fusion of fitness and pizza (you can have a slice or two during your cheat-meal day and don’t feel bad about it) UX Building Fizza was an interesting and challenging journey. I described the research stages of this project on Medium. You can find the detailed descriptions of the interviews, collected insights and very first ideas at empathise and ideation posts. I discovered several things after interviewing my target users. Users clearly prefer mobile. A lot of people use a fitness app and most of them don’t use a nutritional app. Most of users have a fitness goal. Most of participants responded that they believe that a fitness coach is important. A huge number of users believe that motivation is a key. A lot of users aren’t satisfied with their previous fitness and diet experiences. Users seem to be interested in a customised fitness plan made just for them. The last question was what people hate about fitness, and these were the answers: Also I wanted to know how the schedules of the users and their lifestyles influence on their fitness decisions and how can I help build healthier habits. What is […]
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