Do you enjoy going to live shows? If so, I’m sure you are going to like this project! But actually, what does it take to the artist to break through in music? Here is BeastGig – an app that helps emerging musicians organise sold-out gigs. UX Research I had so many thoughts about the process a band goes through to organise some show or get on the road for a gig. I love music, but I’m not a member of any band, so basically I started from the point that I have no idea about this topic. I assumed few things and composed 18 questions interview to ask to the artist. I was interested in the beginning of their career, their experience with gigs, the creative process, the important things to get into account and their thoughts about what works best when you try to make music for living. Let’s not forget, my main target is an emerging band/artist, but I had to interview all kind of musicians to understand the experiences during all the stages on the way to be a rock-star. Also I composed another interview for labels. At the very begging I assumed that labels will make […]
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Fizza is a fitness app that helps people to exercise and stay motivated. Even the name of this platform is a fusion of fitness and pizza (you can have a slice or two during your cheat-meal day and don’t feel bad about it) UX Building Fizza was an interesting and challenging journey. I described the research stages of this project on Medium. You can find the detailed descriptions of the interviews, collected insights and very first ideas at empathise and ideation posts. I discovered several things after interviewing my target users. Users clearly prefer mobile. A lot of people use a fitness app and most of them don’t use a nutritional app. Most of users have a fitness goal. Most of participants responded that they believe that a fitness coach is important. A huge number of users believe that motivation is a key. A lot of users aren’t satisfied with their previous fitness and diet experiences. Users seem to be interested in a customised fitness plan made just for them. The last question was what people hate about fitness, and these were the answers: Also I wanted to know how the schedules of the users and their lifestyles influence on their fitness decisions and how can I help build healthier habits. What is […]
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